Dr. David Leifer is an accomplished pianist and instructor with experience teaching students of all ages and levels. Private lessons are tailored to each student and are offered at 30, 45, and 60-minute intervals. Throughout each year, students in Dr. Leifer's studio are given the opportunity to perform in various recitals, festivals, and even competitions for the highly motivated students. Although these opportunities are not mandatory, Dr. Leifer encourages each student to participate in as many performances as their schedules will allow, as performance opportunities motivate students to strive toward a goal. These opportunities can gradually build the student's level of confidence with proper preparation.

Dr. Leifer believes in a well-rounded curriculum of piano study combined with a fun, student-centered approach. For information about registering for lessons, contact Dr. Leifer for a free interview. At the interview, students and parents will have a chance to talk about the student's goals, gauge the student's level of ability, and answer any inquiries they might have. Upon registration, Dr. Leifer will work with each student to establish a schedule and ensure that each student obtains all the materials that will be needed for the lessons.